FAQ: What Gears For 35 Inch Tires Jeep?

What gear ratio do I need for 35-inch tires?

Gear Ratio And Tire Size Calculator

3.31 5.71
34″ 2126 3668
35 “ 2065 3563
36″ 2008 3464
37″ 1954 3370

Do you need to Regear for 35-inch tires?

No, you don’t need to re-gear with 35s. However, definitely plan on a re-gear in the future and fall in love with your Jeep all over again. She loses pep with bigger meats without the regear – especially with the heavier 35 ” tires.

Are 3.73 gears good for 35 tires?

You will be fine. Just gonna lose mpg and slow your truck down. I have run 35s with 3.73 s and no issues at all. In fact, my recent Plat had a 4-inch lift, heavy 34.5 inch Nitto Trails, and 3.55 gears, and ran great!

What size lift do I need for 35-inch tires Jeep?

Upgrading to 35 – inch tires: If you plan on upgrading to a 35 – inch tire, you will need a lift of at least 2.5 inches for proper clearance. At most you’ll need a 3.5 inch lift.

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What’s the difference between 4.10 and 3.73 gears?

4.10 s are going to accelerate faster and decelerate faster on lift. However the trade off is greater fuel consumption per mile driven and higher engine speed per given road speed. In basic terms the 4.10 s will feel quicker and 3.73 will feel faster. Do you plan on towing or moderate to aggressive off-roading?

Is 3.55 or 3.73 gears better?

3.55 will give you a little better gas mileage on the highway and slightly more highway oriented performance. 3.73 may be better for towing, lower end power (off the line acceleration), and may result in worse gas mileage on the highway.

Can I Regear my Jeep myself?

The only way you could do it yourself is if you have someone helping you that’s done at least 2 or 3 regears before. I was lucky enough to have a friend help me do mine and he’s done several regears before. This job isn’t just wrenching. You’re dialing measurements in to within a hundredth of an inch.

How big of a tire can a Dana 44 handle?

However, as a very general rule, a 36-inch tire is about the limit for a Dana 44.

Can you run 35s on stock JK?

Technically, yes. You can indeed put 35s on a stock Jeep Wrangler JK and drive around town without issue. However, if you are going to hit the trail, it’s going to rub. Now, if you are just overlanding down an old desert trail or simply hitting the beach like we did, it’s not a major issue.

Will bigger tires affect my transmission?

Does changing tire size affect transmission? Changing tire size doesn’t affect your transmission, but it does change your final drive ratio. The effect is the same as if you had changed your transmission.

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Is 3.73 a good gear ratio?

FACT: A 3.73 axle ratio is ideal for towing heavy loads on flat terrain and will produce increased fuel economy during steady-state, long-distance highway driving.

Does bigger tires change gear ratio?

When taller tires are installed on a truck but the axle ratios stay the same; the effective gear ratio is reduced. In order to restore the effective gear ratio (and the truck’s performance), you’ll need to have the axle gears swapped to lower (numerically higher) ratios.

Can you fit 35 inch tires on a 2 inch lift?

Vendor. I mean technically speaking you can fit 35’s on a 2 ” lifted JK or JKU, BUT there’s a lot that you have to consider. You ‘ll need flat fenders for sure or else you ‘ll end up having little to no clearance between your tires and the fender flares.

Can I fit 35s with a 4 inch lift?

If you want 35s to fit, you need 5″ of lift, no question about it. This is commonly done with a 4 ” suspension lift and a 1″ body lift. Since you don’t have much to spend, I would suggest piecing together your own lift using some 4 ” springs, Rancho shocks, adjustable track bars, and a 1″ body lift.

Does lifting a Jeep cause problems?

If you lift your jeep too high and don’t replace your stock control arms, your wheelbase will be shortened and you may get vibrations in the drive line from improper pinion angles. The taller the lift, the bigger the issue you will have using the stock control arms.

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