Question: Road Bike Tires?

What are the best tires for a road bike?

Our test field

Name Category Ideal pressure
Continental Grand Prix 5000 700 x 25C / 25-622C Clincher 6.5-8.5 bar
Pirelli P ZERO Velo 700 x 25C / 25-622C Clincher 6-7.7 bar
Schwalbe Pro One Evo 700 x 25C / 25-622C Clincher 5-7.5 bar
Specialized Turbo Cotton 700 x 26C / 26-622C Open Tubular 6.5-7.3 bar

Do road bike tires make a difference?

Better tires can make an enormous difference. Fast rolling supple tires won’t be as puncture resistant, and won’t last as long. Durable tires won’t roll as fast. But if you are riding 23s and go up to 28s you will certainly notice an improvement in ride quality without any loss of speed.

How do I choose a road bike tire?

Selecting Road Bike Tires In general, rolling resistance for each size tire should be about the same. Wider tires will have better traction and control. Narrower tires are more aerodynamic. Most racers are now moving to wider tires, switching over to 25mm from 23mm for standard road races.

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What is the difference between 700 and 700C tires?

Yes they are the same. 700 is the nominal diameter of the rim. 700C is the usual standard for road bikes, but small frames or some custom builds may use a 650B.

Which is better 700×23 or 700×25?

700×23 vs 700×25, what’s the difference and which is faster? The 25 is 2 mm wider. Both sizes will work on the same rims. There is a definite trend in the last year or two to put slightly wider tires on road bikes.

Do road bike Tyres puncture easily?

A too high or too low tyre pressure only increases the likelihood of punctures. With road bike tyres becoming wider and wider, it’s not unheard of to ride with 6 bar or even less. Most people however ride their MTB with a much lower tyre pressure. However, a tyre pressure that’s too low can also cause trouble.

Why are bicycle tires so expensive?

Bike tires have way less volume and they have to produce more sizes and the molds cost a lot. First you are comparing high end bike tyres to low end car tyres. Secondly economies of scale come into it – companies sell a hell of a lot more of those cheaper car tyres than they do bike tyres, driving the cost down.

What is the fastest road bike tire?

Fastest Tubeless Road Bike Tire The tubeless Vittoria Corsa Speed TLR G+ 2.0 (read our full review) is the fastest road bike tire in the world. The Corsa Speed offers an extremely low rolling resistance even at lower air pressures. This tire is created with only 1 thing in mind: create the fastest road bike tire.

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How many miles should road bike tires last?

The conventional wisdom is that your road bike tires last anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 miles. High-end (more expensive) tires should last at least 2,500 miles.

What is the most common road bike tire size?

650B (ISO size 584) is used for some randonneur bikes and other specialized bikes. 650C (ISO size 571) is used for smaller road bikes and triathlon bikes. This size is sometimes specified as 26″. 700C (ISO size 622) is the most commonly used size for modern road bikes.

Are 28mm tires faster than 25mm?

‘Also a 28mm tubeless tyre is the fastest setup [in rolling resistance tests]. At 40kmh a high-quality clincher tyre with a latex inner tube is about 2 watts slower. Comparing rolling resistance, a 25mm tubeless tyre at 95-100psi is the same as a 30mm tubeless tyre at 72-80psi.

What does 700C mean?

700c is the size of your bike tire, according to the ‘French system’. The “700” number is the stated diameter of the bicycle tire in millimeters. “c” is the width code of the tire (as you would see if you looked at your bike from behind or in front).

What does the C mean in 700c tires?

At one point in time, ” 700c ” was a standard tire/rim size, where ” c ” indicated the bead seat diameter and “700” was the diameter, in millimeters, when the tire was installed and inflated. That ” 700c ” tire size has a 622 millimeter bead seat diameter. All those tire sizes you list are the same.

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Is 27.5 same as 700c?

Just as a 700C wheel is the same diameter as a 29” (29er) wheel, 650B shares the exact same rim diameter as 27.5 ”. 27.5 ”/ 650B rims have a bead seat diameter of 584mm, and 29”/ 700C rims have a bead seat diameter of 622mm.

Can I put 29er tires on 700c rims?

Yes, but only up to the maximum width recommended for the rim. The rim diameter is the same, so the bead will fit no problem. 29er tyres seem a bit baggy on 700c rims to me, but I’ve only used a couple of combinations.

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