Question: Who Makes Geostar Tires?

Are Geostar tires good?

The Geostar GS716 was the most well-rounded of the three, offering excellent dry braking, very good handling, and average tread life. But wet stopping performance was just average, and snow traction and stopping on ice was only fair.

Are Chinese tires any good?

Tire manufacturers, many of which have moved some production to China to save money, say that production techniques and materials are the same no matter where the tires are made, and that their Chinese tires are every bit as good as those made elsewhere in the world.

Are FarRoad tires any good?

Mavis Discount Tire has received 16 tire reviews for the FarRoad FRD16. This tire has received a 3 out of 5 Star rating with 81% of the respondents saying they would buy again. Dry Traction and Ride Comfort received the highest marks and total mileage that as been reviewed is 44,415.

How good are Mirage tires?

The Mirage MR162 is a high performance, all-season tire that combines exceptional performance with all weather capability. The MR162 delivers superior wet and dry traction with a smooth, comfortable ride.

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What brand of tires should I stay away from?

Brands of Tires to Avoid at All Costs Westlake Tires. AKS Tires. Telluride tires. Compass Tires.

What brand is GeoTour tires?

Shop Sumitomo GeoTour H/T at Best Prices + Free Shipping Selling all used tires at discount costs.

What are the worst tire brands?

Here, in this article, we will provide you the list of worst tire brands that you should stay away from. Here is the list of tire brands that we should keep a distance from:

  • AKS tires.
  • Telluride.
  • Chaoyang.
  • Goodride.
  • Compass tires.
  • Geostar.
  • Westlake.

Are Walmart tires good?

Overall, Walmart is a great place to shop for tires both online and in-store. You’ll find a great selection of popular tire brands and some of the lowest average per-tire prices compared to other popular tire stores. And installation is cheaper at Walmart than nearly anywhere else.

What are the top 5 tire brands?

Top Tire Brands

  • Goodyear.
  • Hankook.
  • Kumho.
  • Michelin.
  • Pirelli.
  • Sumitomo.
  • Toyo.
  • Yokohama.

What brands of tires are made in China?

Several top global brands such as Michelin (two production plants), Bridgestone (six plants), Goodyear (two plants), Continental (two plants), Pirelli (two plants), Yokohama (three plants), Hankook (four plants), and Kumho (three plants) are present in China through their manufacturing units.

Where are Farroad tires made?

A large, modern factory in Shandong Province, China is the home of Farroad Tyres. Founded in 2007, the factory produce more than 20 million tyres every year and has been steadily increasing output every year since it opened.

Who manufactures Mirage?

Mirage is a premium Chinese tire brand that is designed and engineered to meet global tire standards. It is meant to meet the demand for truck and bus (TBR) as well as passenger car (PCR) tires. The Fesite brand carries on our tradition of quality tire manufacturing.

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What are sailun tires?

Sailun tires are made in China, are a Tier Three tire brand that focuses on price point rather than performance, and I feel comfortable recommending these tires to you. Earlier this year I walked by some crossover I can’t remember because they all look the same and came across a Sailun Atrezzo tire.

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