Quick Answer: What Size Tires Are On A 2003 Chevy Trailblazer?

What’s the biggest tire you can put on a trailblazer?

From what we at ORTB have measured and other people have reported, the maximum tire diameter without modification is 30.5″. If you go over 30.5″ diameter, we suggest wheel spacers and a lift.

How do I find out what size tires my car needs?

Find your tire size in your vehicle owner’s manual or on your door. Find the information in your vehicle owner’s manual in the glove compartment or on the tire information sticker on your driver’s side door.

How much is a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer worth?

2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer Value – $511-$4,145 | Edmunds.

What is the bolt pattern on a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer?

00 is a bolt pattern mainly used on vehicles like chevy trailblazer, gmc envoy, saab 9-7. 6X127 – 6X5. 00 is a bolt pattern that is common so finding wheels, rims and accessories wouldn’t be a hard task.

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What is the bolt pattern on a Chevy Trailblazer?

We know how tough it can be to find aftermarket 17″ rims for your Chevy Trailblazer, GMC Envoy, Buick Rainier, Isuzu Acender, Oldsmobile Bravada, and Saab 9-7X with the 6×127 bolt pattern and that’s why we offer as many wheel options as possible.

What size tires fit a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer?

Chevrolet TrailBlazer 2005 4.2

Tire Rim
245/70R16 106S 7Jx16 ET50 2.2
245/65R17 105S 7Jx17 ET50 2.2

Are wider tires better?

From a safety point of view, both types have their good sides: On a dry road, wider tires will offer more grip than narrow ones, but the risk of aquaplaning will be higher with wide tires. – In the winter, narrow tires are better under extreme conditions as they provide higher surface pressure against the road.

What size tires can I put on my truck?

On average, if your truck isn’t lifted, you can fit tires up to 33”. In case the vehicle is lifted, you can find a good set of 37” or larger tires to fit. However, to learn what your truck needs, you have to make some measurements.

Where is the best place to buy tires?

Generally speaking, you’ll find some of the lowest prices at Walmart and Discount Tire Direct, while Tire Rack offers the biggest selection. Sam’s Club, BJ’s Tire Center and Costco offer some of the best overall tire-buying experiences including low average prices, free services and convenience.

Is a 2003 Chevy TrailBlazer front wheel drive?

Standard Features: rear- wheel Drive type. cloth Seat trim. 4.2L I-6 Engine.

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What is the value of a 2002 TrailBlazer?

2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer Value – $648-$3,659 | Edmunds.

What is a 2004 Chevy TrailBlazer worth?

2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer Value – $867-$4,454 | Edmunds.

What year trailblazers are the same?

The Chevrolet TrailBlazer was a mid-size sport utility vehicle sold from 2002 through 2008, built on a body-on-frame truck platform that spawned similar vehicles for most of GM’s other brands.

Will Tahoe rims fit on a trailblazer?

Tahoe rims are 6 hole the trailblazer is only 5 hole. you dont even know. trailblazer is 6 lugs not 5.

Is 6×139 7 the same as 6X5 5?

A: Yes, 6×5. 5 is a 6×139. 7 (it’s metric vs. standard measurements).

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