Readers ask: Jeep Wrangler Tires Size?

What size tires does a Jeep Wrangler have?

Depending on the model you drive, tires sizes can vary. However, generally speaking, when it comes to the standard factory size, the Wrangler come with 15″-17″ tires.

How big of tires can you put on a Jeep Wrangler without a lift?

On a 33″ tire, that can range from slightly less than 10 inches to over 11 inches as a general rule. You might be able to get by with the 33″ tire in terms of height, but the width will probably cause rubbing from inner fenders, suspension parts, or end links. Especially if your Wrangler is still stock height.

What size wheels fit a Jeep Wrangler?

Jeep Wheel Cross Compatibility

Jeep Vehicle Stock Wheel Size Lug Pattern
2007-2018 Wrangler JK 17-18″ 5 x 5 “
2007-2016 Patriot Compass 17-18″ 5 x 4.5″
2011-2019 Grand Cherokee WK2 16-20″ 5 x 5 “
2014-2019 Cherokee KL 17-18″ 5 x 110mm (4.25″)
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Can you fit 33-inch tires on a stock Jeep JK?

33 – inch tires can be fitted to a stock Jeep Wrangler JK, but with minimum clearance on the front bumper and not enough clearance for full articulation off-road.

What size tires fit a 3 inch lift Jeep Wrangler?

If you offroad, a 3 ” lift by itself gives enough clearance for 32×11. 50 tires. If you add a 1″ body lift, you can then easily run 33×12. 50 tires providing they are mounted on aftermarket wheels which will create enough additional space away from the suspension for them.

Will 35 inch tires fit on a stock Jeep Wrangler?

Technically, yes. You can indeed put 35s on a stock Jeep Wrangler JK and drive around town without issue. However, if you are going to hit the trail, it’s going to rub.

What is the best tire for a Jeep Wrangler?

Best Tires for the Jeep Wrangler Altitude (18-inch wheels):

  • General Grabber HTS 60 – Best budget tire.
  • Bridgestone Dueler H/T D684 II – Best mid-priced tire.
  • Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac On/Off-Road Commercial – Best superior tire.

What size lift do I need for 35 inch tires Jeep JK?

Upgrading to 35 – inch tires: If you plan on upgrading to a 35 – inch tire, you will need a lift of at least 2.5 inches for proper clearance. At most you’ll need a 3.5 inch lift.

How much lift do I need for 35 inch tires?

Re: How much lift to clear 35 ” tires? You’ll need at least 5″ of lift, but depending wheel offset possibly more to clear 35’s without rubbing.

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What size wheel do I need for 33 inch tires?

33 – inch tires work well with rims that measure 15 or 16 inches in width, while 35- inch tires should only be used with rims that are at least 17-inches wide. Larger tires require wider rims to maximize the tire profile and improve your Jeep’s maneuverability.

How big can my tires be without a lift?

On average, if your truck isn’t lifted, you can fit tires up to 33”. In case the vehicle is lifted, you can find a good set of 37” or larger tires to fit.

What size tires come on a Jeep Wrangler Sahara?


Will a 5×5 5 fit a 5×5 bolt pattern?

Meaning your bolt pattern is 5×5. You can ‘t put 5×5. 5’s on that without adapters and im not even sure they make 5×5 to 5×5. 5 adapters.

Do all Jeep Wranglers have the same bolt pattern?

That’s because, while most Jeeps have a five lugs, different models have different spacing between the lugs. For example, all JK Wrangler vehicles (2007-18) have a 5×5 bolt pattern – meaning five lugs with a five inch spacing. Earlier TJ Wrangler models (1997-06) and YJ editions (1987-95) employ a 5×4. 5 pattern.

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