Where To Buy Retread Tires?

Can you buy retread tires for cars?

Buy Retread Tires Online for Passenger Cars, Trucks, RVs, ATVs, Commercial Vehicles, & More!

How much does a retread tire cost?

A top-brand new tire in two of the most common sizes often sells for $400 to $450 or more, says Harvey Brodsky, managing director of the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau.

Are retreaded tires legal?

Retread tires must have a tread pattern that complies with Section 27465 of the Vehicle Code. They can’t be used on the front wheels of a bus or farm labor vehicle. For passenger vehicles, retread tires are allowed.

Are retread tires good?

Modern retread tires are safe, so safe that even school bus fleets use them. The reality is that retread tires are crafted and tested to perform like new tires. As long as they are properly maintained, retread tires perform as good as or better than new tires.

How can you tell if a tire is a retread?

Check the tire’s sidewalls for the words “bias,” “bias belted” or something similar to indicate their status. Retreads are legally required to have these markings in most areas, which tell consumers what type of tires they are buying.

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How many times can you retread a tire?

Long haul, high-speed operations usually retread their tires two or three times.

Are retreads dangerous?

In spite of the bad reputation that tire retreads have, the federal government has found they are not more dangerous than regular tires. When a tire is retreated, the worn tread is buffed away and a new tread is bonded to the tire body in a process similar to manufacturing a new tire.

Can you run recaps on steer tires?

Yes, I am! Per FMCSA regulations, you can ‘t run regrooved tires as steers. Retreads and recaps are fine, though. Busses are the only vehicle where all three types are prohibited.

Can radial Tyres be retreaded?

Can RADIAL and HIGH PERFORMANCE tyres be retreaded? Yes. Steel belted and non-steel belted radials and high performance tyres are retreaded. Since high performance tyres are usually manufactured with cap plies, the retreadability of the original tyre casing is greatly improved.

Are TreadWright tires DOT approved?

Our tires are DOT Approved Remold Tires. TreadWright Tires are LEGAL on both axles for all Light Truck and SUV’s IN ALL 50 STATES. Our customers have great results with mounting and balancing at Sears and small independent tire shops (these locations value you as a customer).

What is a tire casing?

The tire casing is the body of the tire and includes components such as the Bead, Sidewall, Body Ply and Innerliner. Basically everything except the Tread and Belt System. The Body Ply. Most passenger tire casings are multi-ply and incorporate polyester, nylon or rayon cords within the casing rubber compound.

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Are remould Tyres safe?

Retreaded tyres are safe despite the preconceptions that a lot of motorists have about them, and this is the norm for heavy load vehicles such as lorries and aircraft. In fact, in some instances a remoulded tyre can be safer than a brand new tyre for trucks and lorries.

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