Where To Buy Shredded Tires For Playgrounds?

Are shredded tires safe for playgrounds?

More than two dozen studies have attempted to measure the potential health risks of crumb rubber surfaces. While many have found no negative health effects, some doctors and toxicologists believe these studies are limited and insufficient to establish conclusively that shredded rubber surfaces are safe.

How much does shredded rubber cost?

How Much Does Rubber Mulch Cost? Our rubber mulch prices are $315 for a 2,000-pound bag, shown here, or $7 per 40-pound bag. Bear in mind that 2,000 pounds of long-lasting, durable rubber mulch will cover around 17 square yards at a 6-inch depth, for a cost per yard of a little more than $18.

Can you bulk buy rubber mulch?

There is no size requirement when purchasing from us. You can choose to buy in bulk or convenient retail bags. We sell both super sacks and retail size bags. Find out how much rubber mulch per square foot you need with our rubber mulch calculator.

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Is rubber mulch safe for playgrounds?

Rubber mulch is non- toxic and safe for use around children and pets. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published a playground safety surfacing guideline for public playgrounds, stating rubber mulch is an appropriate loose-fill surfacing material for use on commercial playgrounds.

Are shredded tires toxic?

Rubber mulches made from shredded tires are touted by manufacturers as permanent, aesthetically pleasing, and safe for flowers, plants and pets. There is no question that toxic substances leach from rubber as it degrades, contaminating soil, plants and waterways.

What is the best playground ground cover?

Here is a list of the Top-5 Best Playground Safety Surface materials to help make your decision a little easier.

  • 1.) Solid Rubber Surface.
  • 2.) Artificial Grass or Turf.
  • 3.) Play Sand and Pea Gravel.
  • 4.) Rubber Mulch (Nuggets or Shredded)
  • 5.) Engineered Wood Fiber aka: EWF.

Does rubber mulch stink?

The toxic chemicals in the tires will also kill beneficial insects that help control pests. This may be a matter of opinion, but most people find that rubber mulch starts to stink as it gets hotter. On a hot day it has a strong stench. Hence, ground tires should never be used in an enclosed area or indoors.

How much does rubber stone cost?

At between $2 and $3 per square foot of materials, rubber pavers are another option for playground flooring.

What are the disadvantages of rubber mulch?

List of the Cons of Rubber Mulch

  • It has a higher initial cost compared to other mulch products.
  • It has a higher degree of flammability concern.
  • It still has some fading.
  • It requires weeding by hand for maintenance work.
  • It is difficult to remove rubber mulch from the ground.
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What is the best brand of rubber mulch?

#1 Vigoro Rubber Mulch As our #1 choice for the best rubber mulch available, Vigoro rubber mulch can save you endless time, money and effort year after year.

Does rubber mulch get hot?

FACT — Rubber mulch is no hotter than most surfaces. All things on a playground will get hot in the sun. However, rubber mulch does not get hotter than any other play surface. In fact, because it is rubber and does not conduct heat, the mulch under the surface is cooler than other types of material.

How often do you have to replace rubber mulch?

Most manufacturers state it recycled rubber mulch will last for ten years, if not longer. Most dyes used during the rubber mulch manufacturing process will not fade or deteriorate a quickly as wood mulch.

What is best to put under a playground?

Safety. Wood playground mulch is a fairly safe option. Wood mulch offers decent shock absorption, as nine inches of wood mulch can protect against falls of up to seven feet. Surfacing playgrounds with wood mulch also offers good slip resistance, as it absorbs and drains moisture.

What is the rubber stuff in playgrounds called?

Rubberized surfaces (also called “wet pour rubber ” or “bonded rubber stone”) are popular for good reason—they are durable, low-maintenance, long-lasting, comfortable to walk on (almost a spongy-like surface), and safe.

Are recycled rubber mats safe?

The Conclusion. Rubber flooring is considered to be safe. In fact, there have been 110 scientific studies of recycled rubber and none so far have found an associated health risk.

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