FAQ: Where To Buy Trailer Tires?

What are the best trailer tires to buy?

10 Best Trailer Tires Reviews 2021

  1. Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire.
  2. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire.
  3. Freestar M-108 8 Ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire.
  4. eCustomRim Trailer Tire.
  5. Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire.
  6. Wheels Express 14-2B Trailer White Spoke Trailer Tire.
  7. Carlisle 6H04621 Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire.

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How much do new trailer tires cost?

The average cost for a travel trailer tire is $164. Keep in mind that these costs were found online. The price you pay in a store like Walmart, Discount Tire, or Camping World will probably vary.

How do you buy trailer tires?

In selecting tires for your trailer, buy the size, type and load range found on the trailer’s certification label or in the owner’s manual. Keep in mind that tires have a load rating that indicates the amount of weight they can carry safely. That includes toys, Igloo coolers and camping gear.

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Does Walmart sell trailer tires?

13″ Trailer Tire & Rim Combos – Walmart.com.

Do trailer tires need to be balanced?

Since the primary duty of a trailer tire is supporting a vertical load, rather than gripping an automobile through turns, trailer tires do not have to be dynamically balanced like passenger car tires do. Steering and cornering are less of a concern on a trailer tire than they are on an automotive tire.

How many miles do trailer tires last?

Trailer tires are not designed to wear out. The life of a trailer tire is limited by time and duty cycles. The mileage expectation of a trailer tire is 5,000 to 12,000 miles.

Does Costco do trailer tires?

Costco will install any loose trailer tire with the exact same size and load index tire that is currently on the wheel. Costco will only install trailer tires on a trailer if the owner of the trailer has the documentation stating the wheel torque specification from the trailer manufacturer.

Are trailer tires different than car tires?

Trailer (ST) tires come in either bias or radial ply, each having its own advantage. In general, though – they’re designed for towing. The material that makes up the sidewalls of trailer tires is thicker than that of passenger tires.

What is Load Range D for trailer tires?

The D load range is rated for 2,540 pounds at 65 psi. And the E load range is rated for 2,830 pounds at 80 psi. If you had a single axle trailer with a gross weight rating of 5,000 pounds, you would use the D or E tires in this size since the C tires would be under rated for the weight.

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What PSI should trailer tires be?

Boat-trailer tires require a lot of air pressure — in most cases, between 50 and 65 psi. In fact, the correct tire pressure for your boat trailer is almost always the maximum-rated pressure for that tire, which is molded right on the sidewall. Maintaining that trailer tire PSI is critically important to towing safety.

How often should trailer tires be replaced?

Each tire manufacturer will likely have different recommendations on the service life of a particular type of tire, but statistics suggest the average life of a trailer tire is about five years under normal use and maintenance conditions, and that tire replacement should be considered after three years, even if the

What is a better trailer tire bias or radial?

Radial tires, however, do perform better than bias tires, and that performance is quickly noticeable. The ride is smoother, the trailer does not bounce and sway as much, and radial tires have a longer life. The most important characteristic of any trailer tire is its ability to carry a heavy load.

Does Home Depot sell trailer tires?

Trailer Tires/ WheelsTrailer Parts & Accessories – Towing Equipment – The Home Depot.

Does Tire Rack sell trailer tires?

Trailer Tires are Available at Tire Rack!

Tire Rack has the new tires that you need for your trailer in 13″-16″ load range C-E — the Goodyear Marathon Radial, specifically designed for trailer use.

Can I put car tires on a trailer?

With a few possible exceptions (large fifth wheels that use LT or Light Truck Tires), we recommended that only trailer tires be used on trailers because they have stiffer sidewalls which do a better job dealing with the vertical load tires experience when installed on a trailer.

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