How To Sell Tires?

How can I sell my tires fast?

If the tire has sufficient tread or the rubber is in good condition, another person can use it for their vehicle.

  1. Sell Locally on Craigslist.
  2. List Your Tires on a Specialized Tire Classified Site.
  3. Sell Used Tires to Your Local Tire Shop.
  4. Haul Away Used Tires from Local Tire Stores.
  5. Sell Your Tires to a Retread Facility.

Can I sell my tires to a tire shop?

Here are some of the best places where you can sell your tires. Your local tire shop, local used tire dealer, or a tire salvage yard are often the best choices. Unless the tread is bald (less then 2/16 of an inch), most tires can be resold. Of these, the best folks who buy used tires near me are the used tire shops.

How can I be a good tire salesman?

Here’s how:

  1. 1- Be PASSIONATE!
  2. 2 – Make Sure Your Customers See Tires on Display.
  3. 3- For Your Customer’s Safety Make Sure You Check Every Tire Every Time.
  4. 4- Educate Your Customers About Tire Safety and Performance.
  5. 5- The $3 Million OE Tire vs the NOT OE Tire.
  6. 4/32” Tires Are Dangerous.
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Can I get money for my old tires?

Tire recycling centers will buy scrap tires, though you won’t get as much money for them. You can expect around $1 to $5 per tire, but that’s nearly all profit! If you can‘t find any businesses locally, the internet always has your back. Recycler’s World has been matching buyers and sellers online for over 20 years.

How do I find the value of my used tires?

Price your tires according to tread depth. The more tread, the higher the price should be. If your tire has approximately half of its tread left, price the tire at 50% of the cost of a new one. A tire that would normally cost $120 new can easily sell for $60 with half tread wear remaining.

How much should I sell my used tires for?

Pricing. If you decide to sell your used tires as they are to retreading shops or to a retailer it is good to know how much to charge for your used tires. The average price for most used tires is around anywhere from $25 to $75 per tire with a complete set selling from $100-$300.

Will Discount Tire buy used tires?

Short Answer: Discount Tire sells used tires, and while it will not provide warranties for these tires, the company assures that it doesn’t stock excessively old or worn tires. Discount Tire does not buy used tires, but it may allow you to trade-in your used tires for a credit toward your new tire purchase.

How many miles do tires last?

As a general rule, the original tires on a new vehicle or quality replacement tires should last up to 50,000 miles. However, many factors will have a significant impact on any tire’s life and may substantially shorten its life expectancy.

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How do tire shops get used tires?

These used tire shops take the tires off of the vehicles getting new tires and resell them. They also have employees that go around to other new sales tire shops to get the used tires they have going for disposal. This is how they get their inventory.

Does Discount Tire work on commission?

No commission.. Manager is only one who has the actual COST of tire to store. Managers get a bonus, but it based on profit, not individual sales. They have a crap load of goals they are expected to meet and sometime depending on several different things they make deals that they actually lose money on to make goals.

How do I start a tire business?

Top 5 Revenue Boosters for Tire Sales

  1. Follow the 100% rule often used successfully in F&I (Finance & Insurance) which states 100% of the customers receive a presentation 100% of the time.
  2. Take advantage of OEM price competitive programs.
  3. Stock “good-better-best” options to provide customers multiple choices to match any budget.

Do tire salesmen make commission?

Tires are a low-margin item, so it’s hard for a store to make much money just selling rubber. So when you come to the counter and ask for tires, the tire salesman is going to look for every way he can to make money. Most of the chains are commission-based, which changes the motivation of the salesman.

How much are scrap tires worth?

The average is around $3 per tire, but that may vary for your area. This means you need to own a pickup truck, and you need to be available often, but it can be a tidy and immediate influx of cash.

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How much are tires marked up?

A 25% to 30% markup on a $45 tire is not enough gross profit. Of either markup method you might use, straight dollars is the best method.

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