Often asked: What Time Does American Tires Open?

Does America’s tire patch tires for free?


Flat repairs are always free.

Is America’s Tire the same as Discount Tire?


The company does business under the trade name Discount Tire in most of the U.S., America’s Tire in parts of California, and Discount Tire Direct in markets outside the reach of retail stores.

Does America’s Tire Apple pay?

No. Based on our last check on November 8, 2018, America’s Tire was not accepting Apple Pay support. Check the full discussion for updated information.

How much is mounting and balancing at America’s tires?

Discount Tire/America’s Tire

Discount Tire, owned by the same company as America’s Tire (the name varies by region), claims a $21 base price for tire installation. That includes lifetime rotation, balancing, flat repairs, inspections, air checks, and TPMS kits but not tire disposal, which adds another $2.75 a tire.

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Should I tip at Discount Tire?

When To Tip Your Mechanic for a Tire Change. First off, know that you absolutely don’t have to tip your mechanic for anything. They are paid by the hour and don’t really accept tips. Secondly, you should only tip if you have the money to spare.

How much does it cost to plug a tire at Discount Tire?

Flat tire repairs due to a nail can charge anywhere from $10 to $20. Discount Tires offers free flat tire repairs, no matter where you bought your tires from. There are over 900 Discount Tire locations in the United States.

Is Discount Tire going out of business?

Discount Tire suspends operations at 45 stores in 7 states

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. The dealership said the temporary store closings —17 in California; 14 in Washington; nine in New Mexico; two in Minnesota; and one each in Arizona, Oklahoma and Utah — are considered “preventative.”

Where is the best place to buy tires?

Generally speaking, you’ll find some of the lowest prices at Walmart and Discount Tire Direct, while Tire Rack offers the biggest selection. Sam’s Club, BJ’s Tire Center and Costco offer some of the best overall tire-buying experiences including low average prices, free services and convenience.

How much does it cost for an alignment?

How much does an alignment cost? A front-end alignment usually costs between $65 and $100 (some brands, of course, are more). At that price, it should be a regular part of your car care regime. To make an alignment even more economical, some car care facilities offer lifetime alignment packages for around $200.

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Does America’s tire balance tires?

Purchase tires and insulation at America’s tire. The tire balancing is covered for the service life of the tires. This means you can go to any America’s tire and have the tires rebalance free of charge. We recommend having your tires balanced every 6000 miles.

Can you finance tires with bad credit?

Yes, absolutely! Financing your wheel, rim, or tire purchase is definitely an option. People finance these types of purchases every day, whether it’s because they don’t have the money up front or they just want to make smaller payments over time.

Who is the largest tire retailer?

YONKERS, N.Y. — Costco Wholesale Corp., Tirerack.com, Les Schwab Tire Centers and Discount Tire/America’s Tire are the highest rated U.S. retailers of tires according to Consumer Reports magazine.

Do you need an alignment after replacing tires?

We recommend an alignment after the installation of new tires. This helps you get the most life from your new tires. Wheel alignment checks are always advised after a significant impact or uneven tire wear is detected. Also, get a check annually, or twice yearly if you typically travel on rough roads.

Can I bring my own tires to Discount Tire?

Discount Tire (also known as America’s Tire, in some areas) will mount and balance tires regardless of where you purchased them.

Can I bring my own tires to Walmart?

For tire mounting, you can bring your own new or used tires to Walmart and have them mounted to your car, or you can purchase tires at Walmart. $10 per tire for mounting. $12 per tire for balancing. $3 per valve stem replacement.

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