Often asked: What Time Does Tires Plus Open?

How long does an oil change take at Tires Plus?

Tires PlusOil changes in 30 minutes guaranteed!

Does Firestone own tires plus?

In 2001, Tires Plus was acquired by BSRO; today, Tires Plus has more than 5,000 teammates working in 400+ stores in 23 states. We carry thousands of tires for all vehicle types, including a complete line from the industry-leading Bridgestone and Firestone brands, and we’ll give you a quick, free quote.

Does tires plus price match?

And with our “Best Tire PricesGuarantee, we’ll match any locally advertised price. Find a better price within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll give you twice the amount of the difference.

Does Tires Plus do free tire rotation?

Tires Purchased at Tires Plus Stores

We offer free rotations for life on every single set of tires we sell.

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What happens if oil change is overdue?

If you fail to change your oil, your car can suffer from a number of problems. Debris may also begin to damage metal components in your engine, or the sludgy oil may “seize”, causing a catastrophic engine failure. Even just driving for a few months with an overdue oil change can cause all of these problems – and more.

How much does an oil change typically cost?

You can typically expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $70 for an oil change. But the cost will vary based on a few factors, including the type of motor oil that you choose, the size of your car’s engine and where you have the service done.

What credit score do you need for Tires Plus credit card?

The Discount Tire credit card’s minimum credit score is 640. While Synchrony Bank does perform a credit check before approving for a credit card, the requirements for retail or store credit cards might be less strict. Your credit score is not the only factor they consider.

Where can I use my tires plus card?

Your CFNA card is accepted at more than 8,000 locations nationwide. Check out our store locator to find a location near you that accepts CFNA. Do I or my authorized user need the credit card to make a purchase in store? You can make a purchase in store without your credit card present.

What credit score do I need for a Firestone credit card?

You don’t have to have a high credit score to be approved for the Firestone credit card. Word has it that people with low credit scores and recent bankruptcies have been approved for this card. So, its credit requirements appear to be flexible.

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Does Tire Plus do brakes?

That’s why Tires Plus offers reliable, professional brake repair services — so you can drive with confidence, knowing that your brakes are ready to do their job. Whether you need a brake repair, brake pad replacement, or a quote for a brake repair cost, stop by your nearest Tires Plus today.

What does Tires Plus road hazard warranty cover?


Mounting and balancing of a repaired or replaced tire will be free of charge. No tire covered by this Certificate will be eligible for replacement more than once or repair more than twice during the coverage period.

Can I return new tires?

If you are unhappy with the item you bought or you no longer want it, you may return it within 30 days of your purchase for a refund. In order to speed up this process, please follow the guidelines below: Call 800-589-6789 ahead of time.

What is the recommended mileage for tire rotation?

“By rotating your tires, you give the tires a chance to even out their wear and get extended life out of your tires,” Edmonds explains. He recommends having your tires rotated about every 3000 to 5000 miles, or at least every time you go in for an oil change.

Will Tires Plus fill my tires?

DIY or visit Tires Plus! Our friendly technicians will gladly check and inflate your tires, free of charge!

Does Tires Plus have WiFi?

This WiFi hotspot is named Tires Plus Free Wi-Fi. It is a free WiFi located in 974 North Hairston Road, Tucker, United States.

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