Quick Answer: What Gear Ratio Do I Need For 35 Inch Tires?

Are 3.73 gears good for 35 tires?

You will be fine. Just gonna lose mpg and slow your truck down. I have run 35s with 3.73s and no issues at all. In fact, my recent Plat had a 4-inch lift, heavy 34.5 inch Nitto Trails, and 3.55 gears, and ran great!

Do you need to Regear with 35 inch tires?

No, you don’t need to re-gear with 35s. However, definitely plan on a re-gear in the future and fall in love with your Jeep all over again. She loses pep with bigger meats without the regear – especially with the heavier 35tires.

Are 4.10 gears good for 35s?

Yes, I’m running 35s on stock 4.10s here, with auto tray. It’s fine.

What gear ratio should I run with 37 inch tires?

Upgrading to 37inch tires would calculate to about a 16 percent increase in tire diameter. Increasing the 4.10 axle ratio by 16 percent would dictate the need of a 4.75 axle ratio to match the 37inch tires.

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Can I run 37s with 3.73 gears?

So, you can drive a bit with 3.73s and 37s..don’t know how that would tow if you were to do any heavy towing though.

Is 3.73 a good gear ratio?

A 3.73 ratio is suitable for regular light towing. If you plan on towing a fifth-wheel trailer or anything heavier than 5,000 pounds, you should consider a 4.1 axle ratio. A 4.1 ratio allows a towing vehicle to start moving without as much throttle.

Do you need to Regear with 37 inch tires?

You DEFINITELY will want to regear. I have 35’s with the new 3.6L and 4.10s and will likely regear to 4:56 or 4:88. I am getting my 37” mud grapplers on Monday.

Should I Regear with 33s?

You can drive just fine without them but they will be nice if you do it later down the road. 35’s will really need taller gears though.

How much does Regearing cost?

Just a regear will run around $1200 to $1600 depending on the shop.

Are Nitro Gears any good?

Yes, they are good. Ok great thanks for the help. Nitro 4.88s front/rear in mine. I run 35’s with a Ripp Gen 2 kit with no issues at all.

Is 3.55 or 3.73 gears better?

3.55 will give you a little better gas mileage on the highway and slightly more highway oriented performance. 3.73 may be better for towing, lower end power (off the line acceleration), and may result in worse gas mileage on the highway.

What is the difference between 3.73 and 4.10 gear ratio?

A 3.73 is a higher gear ratio for half ton pickups its not the best gear for pulling trailers, now the 4.10 gears come stock from the factory on newer trucks and is one of the best rear end gears to use if you plan on pulling a trailer. These both vary by fuel mileage consumption so choose wisely.

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Do taller tires increase gear ratio?

When changing gears for taller tires, you are heading to a numerically higher gear ratio. The higher the gear ratio, the smaller the pinion gear. You do not want go too low in an effort to increase power to the wheels and/or relieve stress in the rest of the drivetrain.

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