Wild Trail Tires?

Are Wild Trail tires any good?

Overall, the Wild Trail A/T fits in nicely among other second-tier name brand tires. While it may not compare to the performance of tires like the BFG T/A KO2, Michelin AT2, Cooper AT3 and other top AT tires, it will save you a good amount of money on a new set of tires.

Who makes Wild Trail tires?

For more than 60 years, TBC Corporation (TBC), one of North America’s largest marketers of automotive replacement tires through a multi-channel strategy, has been a tire company ahead of the curve.

Where are Trail Guide tires made?

Trail Guide tires are manufactured in China, and are an inexpensive tire for the mass market. The price is affordable thanks to the economies of scale and large volume of the identical tire being sold to various replacement tire distributors around the world.

Are multi mile tires good?

The Matrix is one of their basic all-season tires and has been well-received for the most part. It’s one of the few tires made today that features a whitewall in many different sizes. Expect to find very good dry traction and handling, as well as good treadwear. The 50K mile warranty speaks to treadwear.

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What are multi-mile tires?

MultiMile Tires is a private brand that focuses on passenger and commercial tires, including off-road and agricultural options. Because of the long list of available tires, MultiMile Tires is the go-to source for all of your tire needs.

Where are Eldorado tires made?

Eldorado Tire is manufactured in the United States in a tire plant owned by Cooper Tire & Rubber Co though the brand is actually owned by Sumitomo and marketed through their TBC Brands arm.

What is a CTX tire?

Wild Trail CTX. Wild Trail. The Wild Trail CTX is an all season light truck commercial tire ideal for pick ups, SUVs and commercial vehicles. The CTX is designed with an aggressive tread designed that delivers all surface/all traction capability.

Which brand of tires last the longest?

The longest lasting tires in Consumer Reports’ tests are the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus. They claim 90,000 miles, and Consumer Reports estimates they’ll go 100,000. Consumer Reports says don’t expect to get all your money back if your tires wear out before the mileage warranty.

What brand of tires are best?

The Top 10 Best Tire Brands

Best Tire Brand Overall Score Superlative
1. Michelin 4.5 Best Tires Overall
2. Goodyear 4.5 Best for Durability
3. Cooper 4.0 Most Affordable
4. Bridgestone 4.0 Best for Run-Flat Tires

Where are multi-mile tires manufactured?

MultiMile Tire is a subsidiary of the TBC Corporation, which was founded in 1983. The TBC Corporation is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and was purchased by the Sumitomo Corporation The Nexen Tire Company was established in 1942 in Korea under the name Heung-A Tire Company.

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